The Adventures of Penis by Kunislayer Shujo

Bunny War and Bunny Lust by Dave Kelly

Exploitation Now by Michael Poe

Hotendotey by Roy Fisher

Jerkcity by Rands Pantalones

Karva Komix by Jesse "Karva" Blough

The Killer & Sissy Show by Fjista Skytzrista

Leisure Town by Tristan A. Farnon

Living In Greytown by Dave Kelly

Look What I Brought Home! by Scott Kuehner & Amanda Kuehner

Pimp Cow by Sandy Thayer

Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida

The Adventures of Ted Bagel by Joe Gressis & Jim Loveall

Unnatural, but TRUE! by Edouard Kock


List maintained(?) by Scott & Amanda Kuehner.