Space Moose by Adam Thrasher
This strip is the granddaddy of ALL offensive webcomics. It's kinda hard to believe that nobody ever got too pissed about it on the web (although there were several 'incidents' while it was being published in a college paper, and they are documented on the site.) SPACE MOOSE makes me proud to be a Canadian.

Sexy Losers by Hard
SEXY LOSERS raises the bar for us all. The only active strip in our sad little hall of fame, this comic may be the only place ON EARTH where you can see a guy gettin' busy with a scanner. NOTE: Also created by a Canadian. Hmmm...

Superstar Car Wash by Ric Pryor
It didn't run nearly long enough for my taste, but SUPERSTAR CAR WASH grabbed people by the nuts and demanded attention during its' short life.


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