July 31, 2001: Hard to believe it's been like eight months since I updated. So here's how I made amends: In addition to restyling the entire site, I've gone through all the links and ensured they all lead to the most current URL (and man, a LOT of you have bought .coms lately!) Below you'll find 11 new listings, most of which I thought I'd added already. And as always, we want MORE! Send your submissions! But first, read our criteria for inclusion. Enjoy!

Now listing 68 potentially offensive webcomics

Adventures In The Magical Land of Smut by Dave Kelly

A Guy And His Monkey by Jayme Smith

ESCAPE! by Andrea B. Previtera

Hardcore Documentary by Amanda Mathenia

Hygeine Apparatus by Jukka Kostet

No Socks In The Meat Cooler by Nate Lowrey

The Adventures of Ronnie Raccoon by Ryan Smith

Tang's Weekly Comic by Tang Ho

T.A. Vision by Tang Ho

Twisted Concepts by "Psycho James" Clifton

Twisted Falls by Stephen P. Allen


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